From the idea till light

Lustre Studio deals with professional lighting products since 1992. Our product range is a great selection of the world’s leading manufacturers. In our Studio we help our Customers with a personalized lighting concept. Our main profile is the design, technical lighting, which we offer in a huge range. In addition, quality furniture, design accessories, professional light sources and switches, exclusive Sicis mosaic tiles, and intelligent systems are also available in our range.

Our company’s most important task is to provide full service to our Clients. An important part of this is the professional guidance, individualized for our Costumers’ personal needs. All of our projects are equally important, let it be residential – private houses, apartments – or commercial – restaurants, office buildings, etc. Our goal is always to assist our Clients’ needs to the best of our expertise. Our staff offers many innovative, creative, sometimes unusual, but more interesting ideas. Together with our interior design partners, and the Costumers, our decorative lighting technician will make these ideas come true.

Since 1992, our company has been an active participant in the lighting market. Among our references are private houses, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, public institutions and numerous industrial projects. Our range of products from various international manufacturers, in addition to a variety of styling products, are also featured in professional lighting and industrial lighting.

Our company’s showroom offers all the services that guarantee that homes, offices, exclusive retails, hotels, restaurants, exterior spaces are designed to be harmonized with customized design and furnishings.

Through our individual consultations, we help you to work together with free consultancy, lighting design tailored to the Costumers’ individual needs, with on-site surveys, and full-scale processes.